Whitney Armstrong – service, commitment, and resiliency

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.44.06 AMI’ve learned there is so much more for college students at Southwestern Advantage than just the money.  It’s about building relationships that truly impact people and families. I have been given the confidence I need to reach my goals. My support systems are amazing because no one believes in me like the people who lead and mentor me – not just with my business but also in my life.

I think this experience is particularly beneficial to women because, too often, we are under the impression that confidence and independence are male qualities. This is not true at all.  I feel I have been better prepared for whatever comes my way.  Every person, situation, and circumstance I come across teaches me something about others, and more importantly, about myself. It’s empowering and rewarding to say you accomplished something this difficult and significant; not just because it shows you’ve been a success, but because it shows that you’re a woman who understands and practices service, commitment, and resiliency.

Whitney Armstrong

University of Northern Iowa


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Southwestern AdvantageWhitney Armstrong – service, commitment, and resiliency

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