What Are We Scared Of

16806937_1423037727707966_2041369471368673464_nMy experience with this is internship started off as an immature freshman, who thought he knew everything. It took me a bit of time for me to get on board, but I knew I was up for some adventure. Now 5 years later, having traveled/worked everywhere from the Shenandoah River of West Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, I am proud to work as full time recruiter offering insight, impact, and a chance to to change the lives of college students. One bit of insight I gained was during a regular drive, on a regular day, to my sales area in the morning. Even though I practiced great self talk and have had great summer so far, I still couldn’t shake the morning butterflies. Naturally as a “Bookperson”, I started to converse with myself out loud, logically breaking down why I was really scared. In the end I realized that the lowest common denominator of fear is scarcity. We are scared because we feel we don’t know enough, or there isn’t enough, or that we don’t have enough. The truth is that not only do we have an abundant amount of anything we could ever want (living in America automatically privileges us), but we’ll always have more than we ever need. With complete certainty I guarantee that if you’re reading this, you have abundance, even if you don’t feel as though you do. Applying and practicing the Abundance Mentality is the greatest testament of my success and will be for my future. It is the unlocked door to happiness, where the only thing we have/ need to do is choose whatever we want in life. Thank you Southwestern Advantage for providing the environment where I was able to teach myself such a glorious concept. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me.

–Ben Bressler, Univ. of Arizona

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Southwestern AdvantageWhat Are We Scared Of

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