Selling books door-to-door. Reflecting on an adventure 20 years ago…

Phil Burgess 20 years ago (July 3, 1999), I stood outside a small, blue house in Modesto, California, a 19 year old student, 5,000 miles away from home. I remember glancing down at my watch. 07:59 am. I was bang on schedule. It was more than 100 degrees. The tarmac was shimmering and I could feel the sweat running in rivulets … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSelling books door-to-door. Reflecting on an adventure 20 years ago…

Robin Goodman: Oh, no, no, Nooo!

My son, Ben Goodman, asked me to write a letter for him, explaining how I felt and my reactions when he first told me that he would not be coming home for the summer and instead would be selling books – DOOR TO DOOR – in a different part of the country. So, here goes… Ben came home at spring … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageRobin Goodman: Oh, no, no, Nooo!

What Are We Scared Of

My experience with this is internship started off as an immature freshman, who thought he knew everything. It took me a bit of time for me to get on board, but I knew I was up for some adventure. Now 5 years later, having traveled/worked everywhere from the Shenandoah River of West Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageWhat Are We Scared Of

Lizzy Broughton – Tailored

Dear Brad Hendrixson (AKA Mr. Poof), Thank you for recruiting me 10 years ago to sell books door to door with Southwestern Advantage. It’s funny how life rolls out. It all started with you trusting a goofy blonde girl to cut your hair in a dorm room at Indiana University! If it weren’t for meeting you and talking over a … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageLizzy Broughton – Tailored

Customer Reviews

Over a million families have invested in Southwestern Advantage products since 2010. Here’s a look at what some of them have recently said about their experience.  

Southwestern AdvantageCustomer Reviews

Customer Reviews: Oct 2016

This photo album on our Facebook page holds hundreds screenshots of recent customer reviews:

Southwestern AdvantageCustomer Reviews: Oct 2016

Thaddeus Wert, M.Ed., Vanderbilt University

Review of Southwestern Advantage: Math Content As I went through all of this material, I tried to think of topics that were left out, and I honestly couldn’t think of any. This is the most comprehensive presentation of elementary, middle, and secondary level mathematics that I’ve ever seen. Students can potentially find math examples by searching on the Internet, but … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageThaddeus Wert, M.Ed., Vanderbilt University

Janet Sweet – Educational Content & Curriculum Developer

“ makes learning come alive for young kids. Wholesomely endearing SkWids characters learn and practice important curriculum-based math, phonics, language, science, and social studies concepts right along with your child. The videos are smart and lively, with the perfect balance of explanation and instructional support consistent with current core teaching strategies. Fun interactive games, projects, songs, and click-and-print activities reinforce … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJanet Sweet – Educational Content & Curriculum Developer

Benita Bruster, Ph.D

“Southwestern Advantage has hit an absolute “home run” with the new Social Studies and Language book. This resource guide contains critical elements to build student success in Social Studies and Language Arts. The publisher provided a comprehensive package to prepare students for achieving their educational goals; the book, the on-line Web-based support, and the software are all inclusive elements included … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageBenita Bruster, Ph.D

Keil Hileman – Kansas Teacher of The Year

“I love the setup and easy access for data. The pages look great. I believe you have achieved your goal of creating pages that are open and visually appealing, while making sure students get what they need to review for tests and/or what they’re likely to need as they attempt to do their homework. I compared the topics and chapters to … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageKeil Hileman – Kansas Teacher of The Year

Edna Rogers – National Teachers Hall of Fame Member

National Teachers Hall of Fame member Edna Rogers comments on the Southwestern Advantage learning system Overall rate: Superior Strongest area: The material leads to high-level thinking, gives opportunities for problem solving, gets the student thinking beyond the classroom. Favorite section: ‘The Author.’ It is very informative, challenges the student to reach for an understanding of what, why, where, and who writes books, … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageEdna Rogers – National Teachers Hall of Fame Member

Barry Hertz – Winner of Canadian Prime Ministers’s Award for Teaching Excellence

SW Advantage Science Review Coverage of topics/suggestions: Very good coverage Layout/presentation: I have to say that I love the look of this book. It is near “eye candy” rating for me, visually very pleasing. For the most part, it does not appear too busy. I think that Biology and Ecology look the busiest of all the areas but it is the nature of … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageBarry Hertz – Winner of Canadian Prime Ministers’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Ernest Schiller – Iowa Teacher of the Year

“I believe that this Biology section could be used as a resource for advanced middle school kids, especially if the 8th grade students were taking a Life Science class. In terms of the adaptability to high school, it would fit in quite well as a General Biology course or even in an Advanced Biology class. [It] is interesting enough for … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageErnest Schiller – Iowa Teacher of the Year

Julie Westcott – Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Southwestern Advantage has developed materials that are written to help children build on their knowledge and curiosity.  I value and utilize a variety of the Southwestern Advantage product line. The My Books help children identify & match words using vibrant illustrations.  When my children were very young they enjoyed pointing and identifying pictures in each book.  Becoming familiar with written … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJulie Westcott – Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Megan Baker: Why I use Southwestern Advantage books in my classroom

As an alumna of their sales & leadership program, I obviously loved the Southwestern Advantage products and believed in their effectiveness in reaching students.  Now, as an educator, I am even more convicted in the Southwestern Advantage products. I currently teach third and fourth grade students in a small school in the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  Most of my students have … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageMegan Baker: Why I use Southwestern Advantage books in my classroom

Kate Marshall – My Reason

Most people who know me know that I spent all four of my undergraduate summers running my own business, selling educational stuff door to door in different states, 80 hours a week, leaving little time for anything else but sleeping. I’m gonna estimate at least 95% of those people have come to the conclusion that I’m just an extraordinarily driven, … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageKate Marshall – My Reason

Jacob Majeske – I Almost Didn’t Do It

I almost didn’t do it. As corny as it sounds, Southwestern Advantage has been a life-changing experience for me. It has positively shifted the direction in which my life is heading, and I look back and remember how close I was to not doing it. My recruitment was not very typical as I was working in the toll booths on campus … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJacob Majeske – I Almost Didn’t Do It

George Coinac – A Personal Impact

Moldova is a long ways from Nashville, but not too far for us to have the opportunity to join the best leaders from around the world.  We here in Moldova appreciate the impact Southwestern Advantage is having on our country. The donation program is helping many citizens who are in need of help. Southwestern Advantage has made a huge impact … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageGeorge Coinac – A Personal Impact

Josiah Fogle – 4 Things I Gained

My name is Josiah Fogle. That probably means nothing to you at this point, but I have told a few people about my story and if you wanna listen then read on.  Some people at my small Christian college called Calvin have listened and decided to follow suit by joining me in my second summer; so maybe you might find … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJosiah Fogle – 4 Things I Gained

Sara Nannini – Blessed to be a Bookgirl

Ever since I was young, I have always been one to push the envelope and explore new challenges.  Some of these have included joining the swim team, moving away to Central Michigan University, and joining Greek life.  I found success in all of these areas, and realized I was able to coast by on my natural talents to be successful … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSara Nannini – Blessed to be a Bookgirl