Lizzy Broughton – Tailored

Dear Brad Hendrixson (AKA Mr. Poof), Thank you for recruiting me 10 years ago to sell books door to door with Southwestern Advantage. It’s funny how life rolls out. It all started with you trusting a goofy blonde girl to cut your hair in a dorm room at Indiana University! If it weren’t for meeting you and talking over a … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageLizzy Broughton – Tailored

Bo Parrish – Speaker/Author/Triathlete

What are the three most valuable things gained from your Southwestern Advantage experience? • The power of schedule • How to listen more and speak less • Turning burdens into blessings and adversity into advantages   What was the most challenging part of your experience? Learning to tune out the doubting voice inside my head and how to dismiss the urgent for the … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageBo Parrish – Speaker/Author/Triathlete

George Coinac – A Personal Impact

Moldova is a long ways from Nashville, but not too far for us to have the opportunity to join the best leaders from around the world.  We here in Moldova appreciate the impact Southwestern Advantage is having on our country. The donation program is helping many citizens who are in need of help. Southwestern Advantage has made a huge impact … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageGeorge Coinac – A Personal Impact