Congressman Marsha Blackburn – Celebrate The ‘Can-Do’ Woman

You never forget the feeling you have when you are asking someone to hire you. I remember it well.  I wanted that specific job–a job working on commission, selling educational books door-to-door. I knew I would be a hard sell to the company because they did not hire women, they just hired men. I was asking them to not only … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageCongressman Marsha Blackburn – Celebrate The ‘Can-Do’ Woman

Marsha Blackburn – Congressman (TN)

“I’ll never forget the business and interpersonal skills direct selling taught me when I began my career, and I’m excited to continue to build support for the opportunity among my colleagues on Capitol Hill.” Marsha Blackburn  Congressman (TN)

Southwestern AdvantageMarsha Blackburn – Congressman (TN)