Naomi Langley – Being a person of influence

Naomi Langley – University of Florida

Naomi Langley - Southwestern Advantage

The Southwestern Advantage internship was the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Mississippi is forever marked with my sweat and tears, and it was all worth it. I learned discipline, sales skills, and how to get a mustang out of a mudhole. I made lasting relationships with some of my customers and still mentor a few of my Mississippi girls online. I continue to experience satisfaction from helping families over the summer. I recently got an email from a mom I sold to over the summer. Her daughter, whose twin had recently passed away when I met them, had been inspired by my twenty minutes inside their home. She is now riding horses again, a member of Beta club, and excited for college in her future. My positive attitude and our exemplary products made that possible for her!

One of my goals in life is to be a positive influence on everyone I encounter and Southwestern has become a tool for me to use in doing so. As a top first year, I also made enough money to fund my college education this past year. My parents are not financially stable, thus unable to support me in college. I am now financially independent and can help them with family bills as well.

Perhaps the best thing that came out of my summer is my six summer book man, Mike Yandre. We’ve been dating six months now and we often think alike because of the positive perspective our time in the Southwestern Advantage internship has taught us to have about life. Also, I’ve come into opportunities that would never have been possible for me outside of Southwestern, like traveling to Cancun, Nashville, and New Orleans. Southwestern is not just about a challenging and amazing summer, it’s also about team building! I am honored to have the opportunity to invite my hardworking friends into the Southwestern Advantage internship and share the experience with them. It would be selfish of me NOT to tell others about Southwestern and the doors it can open…literally. My brother Sam will be coming out to sell this summer and I’m STOKED! Well there’s a little taste of my Southwestern Advantage internship experience. Thanks!

Southwestern AdvantageNaomi Langley – Being a person of influence

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