Mike Ford – Controlling my circumstances

Mike Ford – University of Kentucky, B.S. in International Economics

“My name is Mike Ford, and I’m a District Sales Leader with Southwestern¬†Advantage, and I’ve been here going on my 10th year. I’ve gotten a lot of things out of working with the Southwestern¬†Advantage¬†program. I would say the biggest thing I got out of my first summer was just the amount of control I had over my situation. You know, a lot of people blame their circumstances for how far they make it in life or how successful they are; whereas after my first summer I realized I was in complete control of my attitude, my circumstances, and everything that went with it.

The advice I would give for someone checking this out for the very first time, is to be the most coachable person they’ve ever been. So think back to sports they play, or learning a new instrument, or whatever; and just taking all of the advice and putting their best work ethic towards that advice.”

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Southwestern AdvantageMike Ford – Controlling my circumstances

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