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D16265499_10210288956158138_5216213545002418384_near Brad Hendrixson (AKA Mr. Poof),
Thank you for recruiting me 10 years ago to sell books door to door with Southwestern Advantage. It’s funny how life rolls out. It all started with you trusting a goofy blonde girl to cut your hair in a dorm room at Indiana University! If it weren’t for meeting you and talking over a haircut about a summer internship opportunity, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I made enough money that summer to move to Nashville, at 19 years old, and go all in with doing hair! I feel lucky to be where I am today from the things I learned from that summer, the people I met and continue to see to this day.

Lizzy Broughton
Founder/Owner of Tailored

Southwestern AdvantageLizzy Broughton – Tailored

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