Lisa LaFave – turning potential into reality

11416205_570006509769576_2236610084601276791_nI have had the opportunity to become the best version of myself through all that I have learned in running my own business. I’ve had an extraordinary chance to turn my potential into my reality. Through helping others, I have become more selfless and my focus has shifted to others rather than on myself. Every single person is important and has a story.  I want to be part of their story.

I have been able to make my family proud with my accomplishments, become independent, spread love, and inspire others.

For women, this experience shows us how strong we can be. It inspires us to challenge ourselves and to break our social and societal barriers. It builds confidence. I’m now understanding the truth about who I am and what I am capable of.

Lisa LaFave

Michigan State University


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Southwestern AdvantageLisa LaFave – turning potential into reality

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