Keil Hileman – Kansas Teacher of The Year

“I love the setup and easy access for data. The pages look great. I believe you have achieved your goal of creating pages that are open and visually appealing, while making sure students get what they need to review for tests and/or what they’re likely to need as they attempt to do their homework.
I compared the topics and chapters to our U.S. history book, and they matched up very well.
  • The tables, charts, and ‘Did You Know’ sections will help students very much.
  • Time lines are great—useful and easy to read.
  • Spotlights are nice and useful.
  • Clear bold headings help with keeping interest and readability.
  • ‘Now You Know’ sections are a great way to sum up!
  • I love the maps with clear headings, descriptions, and explanations.
  • FYI sections are helpful.

I love the mix of color, black and white, and color cartoons. Most texts only have paintings and black-and-white photos. Whoever chose your collection of images did a great job for capturing student interest.”

20+ years as a classroom teacher (grades 6–8 social studies/museum studies; grades 11–12 honors archaeology and artifacts; Kansas Teacher of the Year; 2004 National Teacher of the Year finalist
Southwestern AdvantageKeil Hileman – Kansas Teacher of The Year

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