Kadri Jarve – What This Experience Has Taught Me

Kadri Järve - Tallinn University, Estonia

Kadri Järve – Tallinn University, Estonia

How did I end up in USA selling books door-to-door?

I first heard a bit about the Southwestern Advantage program when I was in 11th grade, although nothing special. I only knew that in the summer time, students go to America and they sell some books door-to-door, and that was it. I remember my first thoughts were, “Okay, USA is my dream country, but go there for a whole summer, and selling some books door-to-door, NO WAY, not gonna happen.” I like the saying “never say never” because now I’ve been with Southwestern Advantage for 3 years.

Anyways, here’s how it started.

One afternoon a girl called me. She was more of an acquaintance; I didn’t know her really well, but we had hung out a couple of times. She told me that she had an awesome last summer in the USA selling books, and she wanted to meet to talk about how my summer work was and tell me more about hers. Why not, I was thinking.

I met her ,and her manager, and their stories just blew me away. Of course I didn’t decide to go sell books immediately after our first meeting, but I was thinking about going. And why, you ask?

It was 2011, and I knew that 2012 there will be a karate World Championship in USA, yes I have done karate more than 15 years. But I also knew that I’m not going there, because I skipped all my trainings in 2011 when I was living in Ireland. I knew that I can’t get in as good shape as I want to, to achieve good results in competitions.

Then I decided, what the hell, I’m going to sell those books, and I will get this Southwestern Advantage life experience, like everybody was talking about. I think the main reason why I first decided to go was that I didn’t have any plans for the summer, and I didn’t want to work as a waitress during the summer time. I’d rather go and learn something new and get some cool experience and prove myself, whatever it is, I can do it, no matter what.

And so it began, my own story about becoming a book girl in Southwestern Advantage.

What this experience has taught me?

Honestly, there are tons of things what I’ve learned thanks to this program, starting with goal setting, time management, business management, and mental toughness.

But 3 main things that are extremely important to me — getting to know myself, love my life, and appreciate people (my family, friends) around me.

1) Getting to know myself – during my first summer I discovered so many new things about myself. The most surprising was that I can be emotional. I thought that I’m not emotional at all; I’m the female Chuck Norris, I was thinking. I have to admit, I wasn’t.

The other thing was homesick. I had never felt that. I was thinking homesickness is for ninnies. But then I really felt how summer was pretty hard, and I was missing my parents SO much. I learned to get myself through that.

2) Love my life – trust me, life is damn good, and once you realize how good it is, it gets even better. I like to say life is as good as we want it to be, or it’s as hard as we’re making it for ourselves.

Last summer I started to count my blessings, and I realized there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m healthy, I have loving family, friends who supports me, I can do whatever I want and so on. I realized that there’s so much to smile and be happy about. Such a good feeling.

Kadri Jarve3) Appreciate people around me – during the summer times, when it’s hard, you start thinking about people who are waiting for you at home. I was thinking about my parents a lot. Then one day I see the big picture of how much my mom and dad have done for me and my brother, how much they have enabled us. I think you get that feeling only then when loved ones are not with you.
Thanks to all my hard summers I appreciate my parents and what they have done for me even more, and I also tell them more how important they are to me.

How long do I want to be a book girl with Southwestern Advantage?

It’s easy question. I’ll do it until the program doesn’t challenge me anymore. If I feel that I have nothing more to learn, then it’s time to move on and face to another challenge. I’m glad that I have had an opportunity to be a part of Southwestern Advantage and learn so many things that makes my life even more meaningful.

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Southwestern AdvantageKadri Jarve – What This Experience Has Taught Me

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