Judge Lawton Stephens

Judge Lawton StephensLawton Stephens – Judge of Superior Court
College: UNC Chapel Hill

1.) What are the most valuable things learned from your Southwestern Advantage experience?

I learned more about human nature than in any other time of my life. I learned that human nature is the same everywhere you go regardless of one’s race, religion, finances, or circumstances.

2.) What was the most difficult part of your Southwestern Advantage experience?

Knocking on the first door of the day.

3.) What are a couple pieces of advice you would offer a first year salesperson?

Respect the poor. Do not take rejection of the product personally. Persevere. Never quit. Be honest with everyone you meet.

4.) Before you were invited to sell, what was your plan after graduation (i.e. pre med, law school, career work, etc.)?

Law school and then politics.

5.) Tell about your career path after Southwestern Advantage. 

My success professionally and in politics can be traced back to some of the lessons learned with Southwestern. Most importantly, the power of a positive attitude. Smiling when you feel like crying, knowing that no matter how tough the situation, “This too shall pass!”

Southwestern AdvantageJudge Lawton Stephens

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