Howard Fink – A Letter from Dad

Howard Fink – Parent of Bryan Fink


Over the past four years working for Southwestern Advantage, I have seen you mature into a fine and responsible man.  In order to explain my statement I need to review your time with Southwestern.

I recall it was about mid February of 2008 when you said you were considering working a sales job for the summer.  As we talked, I had some doubts (as all caring parents, do), but you said you would arrange for me to meet and speak with a Recruiter/Sales Manager of the company.  In March of 2008 you and I met with the Recruiter and spoke over an hour regarding the following:

1.) Who or what was Southwestern…how long in business, ratings, financially, etc?

2.) How were you to get paid, how much for each sale, how often, etc?

3.) Where would you be going, where would you live, would you be safe, etc?

4.) How would they train you, who would supervise you, who would be there to help and support you as you required assistance, etc?

I felt my concerns had been answered to a point of me feeling 95% sure the summer opportunity was valid and you would be taken care of while away.  No parent is ever 100% sure their child is okay and every caring parent will always worry for their child in someway.  I was no different.

During that summer you and I spoke often as to sales and the ups and downs of such a career.  After all, I have been in the sales industry for some thirty years and had in my experience, running into many of the same walls as you did and the wonders you had that summer.  I hope you feel having my support was helpful to your success during the tough times which occurred.  As any caring parent, I wished for you to be safe and successful at whatever you choose to do in life.

In August when you came home, we talked about the experience of outside sales, your memories (good and bad), and the friends you made during the summer.  Although, you didn’t do as well as you had wished for as to your compensation, I explained you made a better income for three months than did many of your friends who worked at Wal-Mart or other high school jobs and you got to travel and see North Carolina.  During our conversation in the late summer I noticed your communication style had come from a quiet young man into a more self assured and confident adult.  It seemed as if you had a stronger belief system in yourself, as well.

Since 2008 and working with Southwestern, you have become more responsible person, more of a take-charge individual, and have a self assured belief system which is both healthy and good for you as you grow into your professional career.  I believe you have been given an opportunity for which you took full advantage of in succeeding as an individual, but also as a part of a team and an organization.

Southwestern AdvantageHoward Fink – A Letter from Dad

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