Hannah Riesberg – an unmatched opportunity

931323_541807265861201_736930696_nI’m a nursing student at Creighton University. I’ve done this program for 4 years, and it is how I have been able to afford my degree. This program has changed the trajectory of my life by allowing me an opportunity to learn about myself and about others; things I would have never have learned by working a traditional job that doesn’t require much mental or emotional energy. You get out of it what you put into it. This program is definitely not for everyone, but for a student looking to set themselves apart from their peers, this program is an unmatched opportunity.

Hannah Riesberg

Creighton University


Visit Hannah’s FB business page: fb.com/HannahthebookgirlRiesberg

Southwestern AdvantageHannah Riesberg – an unmatched opportunity

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