Edna Rogers – National Teachers Hall of Fame Member

National Teachers Hall of Fame member Edna Rogers comments on the Southwestern Advantage learning system

Overall rate: Superior

Strongest area: The material leads to high-level thinking, gives opportunities for problem
solving, gets the student thinking beyond the classroom.

Favorite section: ‘The Author.’ It is very informative, challenges the student to reach for an understanding of what, why, where, and who writes books, poem, articles, and so on.

Most informative section: ‘The Audience.’ Often, students are not taught these critical skills until college level. To read the points for being an audience is very good for the student to think about before being required to write a paper or essay.

Most inspiring section: ‘Reader’s Response.’ The statement “the same text can mean different things to different readers” is a statement that I wish had been told to me at an early age. It would help the student to use his/her mind, explore, and use imagination, and know that each student is unique.

Expanding information: Graphic features and design. Pertains to real life experiences and it’s good to have this explained in the literacy section.

Best statement:If you can restate the idea presented in your own words” is a wonderful
guide for helping students to grow in comprehension!

imageulw880suylEdna M. Rogers
33 years as a classroom teacher; Tennessee Teacher of the Year; National Teachers Hall
of Fame; board member, The Dollywood Foundation and Berkshire Education Scholarship Foundation
M.S., B.S., University of Tennessee

Southwestern AdvantageEdna Rogers – National Teachers Hall of Fame Member

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