Denise Hooser – What my daughter has gained from the Southwestern Advantage internship

Denise Hooser – Denise’s daughter Brooke worked in the Southwestern Advantage internship program for a first summer during her freshman year

Brooke Voss and Family - Southwestern Advantage

During my daughter’s freshmen year in college at the University of Tennessee she called me up one day and told me that she was considering working with Southwestern for the summer. She told me all about the internship and seemed so excited about working and making her own money. I listened patiently, but all I could think about was not having her home for the summer! I couldn’t imagine going on a family vacation without her. I was heart-broken. :(

After all of my attempts at changing her mind, I realized that Brooke was determined to stick her ground. I have always been supportive of everything she wanted to do and I knew that this internship was very important to her. Trying to show my support, I began asking questions about the internship. She was so eager to tell me everything – how she would be working in another state, meeting new people, and running her own business. It sounded exciting, but I was worried about her safety (traveling and going door-to-door). Once Brooke explained the company’s safety procedures, my mind was put at ease. I was very relieved to hear that she would be traveling and living with other interns that she knew. I was also relieved to know that she had a contact person during working hours in case of an emergency.

The more Brooke talked about the internship, the more excited I became too! I had accepted the fact that she wouldn’t be coming home for the summer and I began helping her prepare for this amazing opportunity. My husband, mom, and I attended a parent meeting that helped us completely understand all that was involved in the Southwestern Advantage internship. It was great to hear former students talk about their wonderful experiences with the company. It was also great to meet her sales manager, Kevin Johnson. As I talked with him about the internship, he expressed his confidence in Brooke and how sales school would completely prepare her for this endeavor. I knew this was an awesome opportunity for Brooke to learn and grow.

Brooke is now getting ready to begin her 4th summer working in the Southwestern Advantage internship program. She loves it and I am so happy for her. The company has taught her dedication, self-motivation, confidence, determination, organization, goal setting, independence, and so much more! If you think about it, these are all the values and traits any parent would want their child to have when entering the work force or even life. I want Brooke to be equipped with what she needs to succeed in life. I am extremely grateful to Southwestern Advantage for giving my child such a life-changing experience. I am so proud of Brooke and I would not change a thing!

Southwestern AdvantageDenise Hooser – What my daughter has gained from the Southwestern Advantage internship

4 Comments on “Denise Hooser – What my daughter has gained from the Southwestern Advantage internship”

  1. Laura

    Ah! You and Brooke look SO alike. So glad she was able to do it because she has been an awesome friend and role model to me. :]

    1. Brooke

      Laura, you just made my day! I appreciate that, you’re soo sweet. I’m glad too, bc you’re a beautiful friend to me. Lets chat soonish =)

  2. Garrek Stemo

    Awesome story!

    Furthermore, Aaron, I LOVE the new website design. It’s really sleek. I drizzled links to this page and the Southwestern Internship homepage in my newly created blog. These are ideas worth spreading!

  3. Zachary DeVries

    Great story Denise! I especially liked how you said you want your daughter to be equipped with what she needs to succeed in life! I think the more parent read up on SW and see first hand what it does for their children they see that it gives them the life skills to do just that, succeed.

    I’m going to have all my FY’s parents read this :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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