Dan Murdock – What the Southwestern Internship did for me

Dan Murdock – Western Michigan University

Dan Murdock worked in the Southwestern Internship while at Western Michigan University.

When I joined Southwestern Advantage, I was a Junior Sales and Marketing major at Western Michigan University.  I was looking to get some sort of real world job experience when my manager Travis Lopes offered me a position.  I went to Fargo ND, which at the time sounded like the worst place in the country to go door to door in!

I loved it.

I lived with two of my managers and they helped me out whenever I needed it.  One of them had no financial reason to help me but would give me coaching whenever I needed it.  I worked hard that summer every day.  This job isn’t easy. You have to work. However, if you put the time in you get paid well for it.  At the end of the summer I had made just a little under $14,000 and won an all expenses paid trip to Cancun with about 150 kids between the ages of 19 and 24.  I was able to pay for school, and start a Roth IRA.

The next summer I came back as a student manager it put a whole new twist on the job.  It makes you feel like a big brother helping out people that were in your shoes the year before.  I had another good summer where I made about $18,500 doing 13 weeks of work.  The craziest part about the money you can make is that if you extrapolate that to 52 weeks I was making $66,000 a year as a college senior.  After I graduated I had the option to stay on with the company, but I wanted to test the job market during what was supposed to be the worst college job market in a generation.  I interviewed with three companies and all three hired me.

(Apparently companies really do like Southwestern experience!)

I decide to take one of the offers in down town Chicago.  It was a hard decision for me because Southwestern Advantage has been so good to me. This is especially true of my managers and my peers who treated me so well while I worked with them.  This job isn’t for everyone, but if a manager offers you a place on their team they must see something in you that they believe will allow you to succeed in this environment.

Southwestern AdvantageDan Murdock – What the Southwestern Internship did for me

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