Dakota Fish – Southwestern Advantage develops leaders

Dakota Fish (pictured 3rd from left)

Dakota Fish with Southwestern Advantage co-workers (Dakota pictured 3rd from left)

Southwestern Advantage came into my life when I needed it the most. I first heard about SW as a freshman at the University of Northern Iowa. My freshman year of college could be summarized by poor study habits and a bad attitude. I had blamed others for why I was getting bad grades and why life wasn’t going the way I had wanted it to. My first summer selling books with Southwestern taught me a lot. It first taught me the importance of having a positive attitude and setting goals. The school year following my first summer, I made the Dean’s List with a 3.5 GPA. My second summer selling with Southwestern, I learned to see people for who they can become. I don’t know what my managers had seen in me my freshman year to give me an opportunity, but I’m thankful they saw something because I hadn’t at the time. Going on my third summer with Southwestern, I’m learning to face my fears and develop the people around me. Southwestern Advantage develops leaders. We just happen to sell great educational products.

–Dakota Fish, University of Northern Iowa


Visit Dakota’s Facebook business page at fb.com/DakotaTheBookmanFish

Southwestern AdvantageDakota Fish – Southwestern Advantage develops leaders

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