Brian Osowski: I Have Seen My Son Evolve

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Jacob Osowski

Hello All,

When my son Jacob first came to me with the idea of doing door-to-door sales, I thought he was crazy. I had concerns – for his safety, what kind of support there was going to for him, and how much of an investment I was going to need to fork out. All I could imagine was Kirby salesmen or housing repair salesmen. I thought, “When am I going to get the phone call “please come bring me home, dad.””

My initial thoughts were completely wrong. Jacob knew that one rule I always stood behind was once you commit to something you finish it – no matter how tough. I’m proud to say he did. Since Jacob has been with Southwestern Advantage, I have seen my son evolve into this fine young man and leader. His organizational, problem solving, communication and leadership skills have gone through the roof. I would now recommend that every college student experience Southwestern at least one summer. The skills and knowledge they gain from SW are easily transferred back to college and into day-to-day life.  Also if you weren’t aware of it, the SW training program is the number one rated sales & leadership program in the nation for young adults, and these kids get it for free.

unnamed-1I have been fortunate enough to attend the Parent Coffee which is a perfect time to meet both first year and experienced parents and get many questions answered. I’ve also been a guest speaker for one of the events. I have even been a host family for book kids. I live in Minnesota and had three young ladies from Tennessee and Kentucky live with me for a summer. Big change for me, since I was blessed with two boys. What a wonderful experience. I was able to chat with them when they came home at night or have dinner with them on Sundays and get to better understand what Jacob deals with and what he’s learning and gaining while he’s away. I also did what they refer to as a follow day in which I actually followed a student leader for half a day as they met with families in my community, another great experience. I have been to checkout – their summer-ending process down in Nashville at company headquarters to celebrate what Jacob and his teammates accomplished. I honestly have been able to see first-hand the entire SW experience short of sales school and the incentive trips. I’m not giving up on the idea of those, too. I have had a number of the fellow book kids stay as guests at my home on numerous occasions, and they refer to me now as Papa Mel. Mel is my nickname. They now stop by when driving through and invite me out with them to other events. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life.


Jacob, with his father Brian ‘Mel’ Osowski at checkout in Nashville, TN

No matter what direction or what field of study your son or daughter is going into, the things they can gain through Southwestern will be beneficial.

You are welcome to call me any time if you have questions or concerns. If I don’t answer, leave a message; I will get back to you. Good luck with your SW experience. I hope it is as wonderful as mine has been.

Brian Osowski, aka “Mel”


You can connect with Jacob via his Facebook business page:

Southwestern AdvantageBrian Osowski: I Have Seen My Son Evolve

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