Apu Mody – President of Mars Food Americas

Mars-31m-renovation-Mississippi-plant_strict_xxlWhat are the most valuable things you learned from your Southwestern Advantage experience?

I learned about the power of persistence and how to work with, manage, and motivate people.

What was the most difficult part of your Southwestern Advantage experience?

Seriously, the toughest, by far, is facing the rejection and then having to keep going.

What are a couple pieces of advice would you offer a first year salesperson?

Set a goal and keep yourself focused on your goals. Motivate yourself and others constantly, and enjoy the experience of meeting all sorts of people; practice having empathy for others.

Before Southwestern Advantage, what was your plan after graduation?

I was pre-med, but once I started selling, it changed to business.

Tell us about your career path after Southwestern Advantage. 

I left college and started a restaurant and bar business.  I started with one and eventually grew it to three units.  We successfully sold that, and I went to Proctor & Gamble in management, then to Del Monte foods where I eventually became the president of a 2.5 billion dollar division.  I left to start a venture capital firm of my own. I’ve now spent the last five years as president of Mars Food Americas. I’ve done a variety of both entrepreneurial ventures and large corporate roles.  In both, I’ve loved running businesses and building successful teams – both as a result of my Southwestern Advantage experience.


Southwestern AdvantageApu Mody – President of Mars Food Americas

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