Amber Lethem – We find confidence in the right things

10415565_587710464674826_4688272347164655347_nSince beginning Southwestern Advantage, I have developed a true sense of self-confidence. I have gained the ability to press on, failure after failure, until I succeed in reaching my goals.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will always thrive because I always get back up again.

I believe this experience is beneficial to women because it creates an opportunity in which women can find and develop their self-confidence outside of the materialistic standards of society.  We find confidence in the right things, not looks or physique, but in work ethic, resilience, service, grace in handling rejection, and gaining a problem-solving mentality.  We learn how to lead ourselves, so one day, if we desire to fulfill a bigger role, such as being a wife or a mom, we will be even better equipped to handle the responsibilities and challenges that come with building and maintaining a united and loving family.

Amber Lethem

Baylor University


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Southwestern AdvantageAmber Lethem – We find confidence in the right things

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