Selling books door-to-door. Reflecting on an adventure 20 years ago…

Phil Burgess 20 years ago (July 3, 1999), I stood outside a small, blue house in Modesto, California, a 19 year old student, 5,000 miles away from home. I remember glancing down at my watch. 07:59 am. I was bang on schedule. It was more than 100 degrees. The tarmac was shimmering and I could feel the sweat running in rivulets … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSelling books door-to-door. Reflecting on an adventure 20 years ago…

Brianna Byers – Learning Realistic Life Lessons

I was recruited to be part of the Southwestern Advantage internship my sophomore year of college at the University of Kentucky. I’ve completed three years of the program now, and I am coming back for a fourth year. As a young and eager Marketing/Creative Advertising major, I had a colorful dream of going into ‘Big League’ advertising. When I first … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageBrianna Byers – Learning Realistic Life Lessons

Mike Ford – Controlling my circumstances

Mike Ford – University of Kentucky, B.S. in International Economics “My name is Mike Ford, and I’m a District Sales Leader with Southwestern Advantage, and I’ve been here going on my 10th year. I’ve gotten a lot of things out of working with the Southwestern Advantage program. I would say the biggest thing I got out of my first summer was just the … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageMike Ford – Controlling my circumstances