Liz Miedema – Worried you won’t sell anything? It happened to me.

Liz Miedema – Grand Valley State University I learned so much that summer about myself and the power that I had within me to do things I didn’t think were possible. I gained confidence in myself and felt valued by the people I worked with. I discovered that it didn’t matter how much I sold or how I did, they … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageLiz Miedema – Worried you won’t sell anything? It happened to me.

Ashley Zandbergen – Growth and perspective

Ashley Zandbergen – Grand Valley State University My recruitment was a little unorthodox . I first heard about the Southwestern Advantage when my twin sister first participated. I thought she was crazy at first when she said she would be moving to Minnesota for the entire summer to sell books to families! Then, as she was telling me about it, … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAshley Zandbergen – Growth and perspective

Matt Seitz – More than the money

Matt Seitz – Asbury University I didn’t sell books with Southwestern Advantage for the same reason that all the other people at my college did. I went to a small private liberal arts college that was very expensive and so a lot of students heard you could make $8,000 in a summer and really needed to pay for school. Well … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageMatt Seitz – More than the money