Josiah Fogle – 4 Things I Gained

My name is Josiah Fogle. That probably means nothing to you at this point, but I have told a few people about my story and if you wanna listen then read on. ┬áSome people at my small Christian college called Calvin have listened and decided to follow suit by joining me in my second summer; so maybe you might find … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJosiah Fogle – 4 Things I Gained

Christine Martin – Still Growing!

Christine Martin – University of Central Missouri My experience with Southwestern Advantage is hard to put into words. I have been working with Southwestern Advantage for over 5 years. It is crazy think of where I was when I started as an 18 year-old girl and to see how far I have come. However, this progress did not come without … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageChristine Martin – Still Growing!