Daniel Cumming – Coachability

Daniel Cumming – University of Richmond Everyone has a different experience working with Southwestern Advantage, and I think it has everything to do with who the student manager they work with is. I had one of the most eccentric and without a doubt the most caring student manager in Chris Sica. When I was a sophomore at University of Richmond … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageDaniel Cumming – Coachability

Jill Poston – Set yourself apart

Jill Poston – Clemson University I first heard about Southwestern Advantage when I was growing up, because my dad actually sold books in 1979-1982.  I heard stories of him selling in Nebraska, Iowa, and Texas, and thought, “That sounds interesting/slightly weird.”  I met Spencer Hays, the Executive Chairman of the Board for Southwestern, at one of my dad’s national meetings … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJill Poston – Set yourself apart