Amber Thomas (Bragg) – Surrounded By Amazing People

Through the Southwestern Advantage program, I have learned to never take the easy way out and to always push myself. Although I found each year to be very challenging, it’s also the most rewarding – both financially and spiritually. I have learned when things get tough to never ever give up on myself even though I really, really want to at times. … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAmber Thomas (Bragg) – Surrounded By Amazing People

Brittny Cornett – Sept 4, 2015

Brittny Cornett to Amber “The Bookgirl” Bragg I seriously want to thank you for your hard work this summer and for stopping by our house and introducing us to these books. It’s only the second full week of school and already I’ve used the books/app twice, and it brought tears to my eyes to see Lydia benefit from these resources and to … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageBrittny Cornett – Sept 4, 2015