Rory Vaden – Taking the Stairs!

Rory Vaden – University of Denver

Rory Vaden is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Business Motivational Speaker, and Self-Discipline Strategist whose insights have been shared on Oprah radio and in print media such as SUCCESS™ Magazine. Rory is the leader of the Take the Stairs World Tour! For success tips on a daily basis from Rory follow him on Twitter @Rory_Vaden!

Rory Vaden on the Southwestern Advantage Internship

Southwestern Advantage Internship Challenged Me To Be Better

My first summer with the Southwestern Advantage Internship was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life up to that point but ultimately the most rewarding. Graduating high school as Valedictorian, being an All-American basketball player, Student Body President, and going to college (University of Denver) on a full ride scholarship had me thinking that I had accomplished a lot in my short life but it was NOTHING compared to what I learned and the skills I developed my first summer (and subsequent ones) selling books in the Southwestern Advantage sales internship.

I joined Southwestern for the money because when I saw The Superstar book of what other people my age were making I knew I could do the same. However what I got out of the program was much more than money. I developed a true confidence in my communication skills and in my own work ethic that I could accomplish ANYTHING I set my mind to. I became an expert at selling from making thousands of presentations that summer and I learned as much about running a business that summer as I did in MBA school years later.

The summer was extremely tough. I remember feeling lonely on several occasions and questioning whether or not I would finish the summer. But Southwestern taught me to put my self-esteem in my work habits rather than my production and that helped me pull through. The most important thing about having a great summer is to follow the schedule they give you exactly. It sets your life on an unparalleled trajectory for success and it gives you the skills, confidence, and connections you need to start achieving anything you want in life.

I never would’ve thought that selling door to door in the summers while I was in college would help me be a business owner, professional author, and full-time motivational speaker but it was tantamount in making those dreams come true for me. Be willing to work harder than you ever have before, get excited about paying a price for your success and go do it!

Finish the summer, no matter what, and the person you become will be worth it no matter what you do later in life.

Southwestern AdvantageRory Vaden – Taking the Stairs!

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