Nate Vogel – Western Washington University

Nate Vogel in 1988 - Southwestern Internship Experience

Two weeks before the summer will start in 1988, I am going back home to be a manager of “Tanfastic” (a tanning salon) in Olympia, Washington. I am in my dorm room at Western Washington University and my friend Justin Henson told me about this summer job “selling books”. He said “just come hear about it” and that is when I met Jeff Rogers (a seasoned veteran of Southwestern). He told me about the money and mostly I remember about the experience on how this job will help in the future. Jeff Rogers said “this is a chance of a lifetime!” Right then I decided to do this for the summer.

Two weeks later I am on my way to Nashville learning the sales talks for the first time. My first summer after long hours, rejection and learning how to run a business, I learned the most important thing of my career: WE DO A GREAT THING! My mom (a retired school teacher of over 30 years) always shared with me on how important education is and the value behind it. My dad shared over a hundred times “never not do your best when you do anything”. I applied these things that summer and starting my second summer my main motivation to team build was “WE DO A GREAT THING!” I am proud to say I have been with the REDLINE Division for 24 years at Southwestern, and now more than ever I feel that “WE DO A GREAT THING!” I am humbled and honored to be a part of this experience with Southwestern.

Southwestern AdvantageNate Vogel – WE DO A GREAT THING!

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