Megan O’Connor – becoming strong young women

10535717_1511873295693374_2436659152985930771_oI have been extremely lucky to have found my way here.  I’ve learned to stop seeing others for who they are and instead to see them for who they can be. I have been able to self-assess and accept my situation, and to regain perspective and think more positively when I need it.

I have been afforded the chance to become the woman I want to be.  I have grown to the point where I can better love others and better love myself; where I am okay with “no’s” and unfazed by rejection.

I think this experience is beneficial to females because it gives us confidence. It continually reminds women that they can be successful at anything if they just put in the work.  It exposes our flaws and weaknesses, helps us to embrace them, and allows us the chance to develop them and become strong young women.

Megan O’Connor

University of Colorado at Boulder


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Southwestern AdvantageMegan O’Connor – becoming strong young women

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