Lizzy Becknell – Dreaming big

Lizzy Becknell – Indiana University

Lizzy Becknell dreamed big in the Southwestern Internship

All throughout my life I have been a dreamer. I have dreamed of being a famous actress, a pilot, an architect, a comedian, a business owner, oh my goodness, the list goes on! I remember there would be times throughout high school where I would hop in my little black VW Cabrio and just drive all around the country roads in Indiana thinking up ideas on how I was going to make millions and be successful. Before selling books I had many good ideas, however after having the experience of not only surviving but thriving at something I never thought was possible I learned that in life everyone has great ideas…the difference is when you take action. This is one concept that I not only learned from Southwestern Advantage, but still to this day practice in my own life.

I was a Freshman at Indiana University when I was recruited to sell books. I remember sitting in the information session thinking this sounds crazy…but I kind of like it. I met with the group of students who had sold before and I remember seeing something in them that I wanted to possess myself. They had this confidence that was really appealing. They told me stories about their previous summers and at that point I decided to take the opportunity. I thought worst case scenario I go out there and I suck at selling books, I guess it’ll still be a good story. Best case scenario I go out and make lots of money, get some great experience, meet some cool people and still have awesome stories to come back with!

My first summer I sold in Dallas, Texas. That summer was the turning point in my life. I met some of the most influential people that I still love and appreciate to this day. They taught me things that I would never have learned in a classroom at Indiana University. Through the experience of a new location and being around brand new people every day, I saw every side of myself and grew more than I ever could have imagined. As I said before, I had always had many ideas but never the best follow through. After completing 12 weeks of selling books door to door and finishing at number 13 in the company I finally saw in myself that I could complete a task successfully! :) Some of the families I sold books to I still keep in touch with and the friends that I met my first summer I will always travel and stay in touch with. It’s really cool to think that I have friends in most every state because of selling books. No matter if I am in New York, Florida, Montana, Costa Rica, Texas…etc…etc. I’ll always have a friend to stay with.

After selling books for 3 summers and recruiting for one spring, I gained confidence, amazing friends and a new perspective on how to work hard and achieve my goals. I am now living in California finishing school and working as Marketing Director/Business Development for one of the top waxing lounges in San Diego called Viva Brazil!

All of the families I have met, the incredible friends that I have made and Southwestern Advantage as a whole will always have a special role in my life. I am so thankful to have had the experience.

Southwestern AdvantageLizzy Becknell – Dreaming big

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  1. Danielle Roos

    Lizzy, such good memories in Dallas that summer! Who knew this crazy thing called the Southwestern Internship would be the reason for so many new relationships and so many lessons? I remember talking to you on the phone every morning on the way to my territory and how much you motivated me! Its probably the reason we ended up right next to each other in the Super Star Book. I love you girl!

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