Josh Falkiewicz – Willing to pay a price

Josh Falkiewicz – Michigan State University

Southwestern Internship Experience – Josh Falkiewicz

I heard about Southwestern Advantage at Michigan State.  During the interview process I was never really skeptical, although my Dad seemed to have reserved enough skepticism for the two of us. 
I remember my first day like it was yesterday.  My roommate Maurice dropped me off and screamed “IT’S GONNA BE A GREAT DAY” and drove away into the sunrise.  When all the dust had settled from my first week I had worked harder than I thought possible and made a whopping $80. 
I remember my sales manager Aaron telling me, “Josh, don’t mind your immediate results. If you continue to work as hard as you have been, you’re going to do very well this summer.” Week two I had massive growth: $200 profit.  Week three: $100 profit. I had continued to work incredibly hard, yet I seemed to be getting worse. At this point I had made about $400 and had spent about $800. I was really starting to wonder if I was cut out for this whole running my own business thing. I mean the point is to be profitable, right?
Fast forward thirteen weeks later. Aaron’s advice that had seemed questionable at the beginning of the summer ended up being the honest truth. I ending up making a little over $9,000, won a trip to Cancun, and was sent home with one of the greatest experiences of my life.  As someone who grew up in an upper-middle income suburb I had never really experienced failure or rejection like I did during that first summer with Southwestern.  I learned not only how to respond to failure, but how to push myself to new limits, and that in order to have success in life you must be willing to pay a price.  The money is long spent, but I can without a doubt look back and thank God I decided to do that crazy book thing!
Southwestern AdvantageJosh Falkiewicz – Willing to pay a price

2 Comments on “Josh Falkiewicz – Willing to pay a price”

  1. Maurice Howell

    Dude think about it, if you hadn’t sold books we would have never met and had the opportunity to fly to Europe and experience a Czech Republican Medieval castle or enjoy the beautiful celebration that the world calls Oktoberfest. I am glad I stayed around to have the opportunity to work with you man and I am pumped about kicking you butt all over the 10,000 Great Lakes this summer! :) We will have our best summers ever this summer.

  2. Matt Lomas

    “screamed ‘ITS GONNA BE A GREAT DAY’ and drove off into the sunrise” Classic Maurice. Except he still does that to me on campus sometimes… Great story about finishing strong and fully committing yourself for the summer. Those three weeks of on the job training always pay off in the end!

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