Dillon Buck – Lessons From My First Summer

It’s hard to imagine the life of a Southwestern Advantage sales person if you have never sold books, but there is a huge focus on our attitude and actions. Make a decision everyday to do all you can to make it as productive as possible. This decision starts with your schedule.  The time you wake up, the time you go to bed, and the time you knock on your first and last doors. Having a sense of urgency throughout the entire day is essential, but it does not stop there. The productive decisions you make must transcend into habits and be repeated and improved consistently.  The time you have in a given day is limited and every minute has value; every minute has potential. In order to take full advantage of that value, of that potential, you must be focused on learning and gaining everything you can in every situation, improving everyday and at every door. Eventually, making a conscious effort to better yourself even becomes habit. People see your drive, your potential, and your success radiates off your smile. You begin to make a positive influence on people’s days even when they are not letting you in the door.

One of the greatest keys to being successful in life is self-motivation. It is implied throughout life that self-motivation is the way to success, or the American dream (whatever you want to call it).  We are told as children that, “You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.”  However, before last summer, every time I heard or said that, I only half-way believed it. It seemed cliché. Now, my belief in that has much more validity. It takes self-motivation to put your mind to anything.  You can’t get anywhere in life of any significant value with only one step.  Shortcuts are not the way to success.  The Great Wall of China was not built in one day, and neither will the goals or dreams of a Southwestern Advantage sales person be accomplished with a shortcut mentality. It takes a lot of small steps to accomplish big goals. I’m seeing it essential in my life now to recognize the mini-victories that get me closer to the bigger ones.  In order to accomplish and truly recognize these steps, these victories, I write them down. Doing this helps me to recognize the progress towards my greater purpose, which will multiply my chances of success tenfold.  I know now that I CAN do anything I put my mind to.

Thanks Southwestern Advantage.

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Southwestern AdvantageDillon Buck – Lessons From My First Summer

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  1. T. Ritzer


    Thanks for sharing. You made a tremendous impact on families last summer in NY! Great being in business with you.


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