Diana Rodriguez – Trusting skill and luck . . .oops!

Diana Rodriguez – Auburn University

Diana Rodriguez - Southwestern Advantage

After losing my phone during the spring break prior to my first summer, still somehow finding my student manager’s number who told me about the Southwestern Advantage internship felt like it had to be fate. This was probably because everything had played out so far in my life. Everything had come at just the right time, in just the right way. I’ve always considered myself just to be “lucky.”

I got in touch with my student manager, Christie Bradley, two weeks before sales school started. A lot of students do this for the money, some for the challenge, and don’t get me wrong both of these were encouraging, but my reason was, “Why not? Everything’s worked out so far.” Wrong. I came out, met awesome people, but I didn’t establish any of the success habits that were stressed by my student managers and in sales school. I was not doing the job the way it was taught from day 1. I had always been good with people and had been good at sales previously. Why would this be any different?

I feel silly now when I think about that first part: accidentally running into your friend in a different city is lucky; when the bartender forgets to count a couple of your drinks, you are lucky; when the professor happens to not give a quiz the day you skip class, you are lucky; Southwestern has nothing to do with luck. If you want to do well, you work hard. I managed to “make it through” the summer and thankfully my organization leader felt I was worthy of giving it another shot. They saw my potential in one week late in the summer. I hated the job while doing it the wrong way and finally decided to stop focusing on myself and start focusing on helping families like Southwestern teaches. I decided to go see 30 families a day for a whole week and actually trust that it was going to work. Amazingly enough, it did! I made just under $1,500 in that one week. I still only made a little over $4,000 my first summer, but I knew I could do better. I had seen that the job became fun and I did really well when I put the work in and had fun with families.

After my first summer, I learned that the things in life that are worth it take more than just luck. Through the challenges I was faced with I changed the way I view my future, myself, and others. Life should never be something you rely on luck, or fate to deal with. Make your own destiny, and always seize the moment.

Southwestern AdvantageDiana Rodriguez – Trusting skill and luck . . .oops!

2 Comments on “Diana Rodriguez – Trusting skill and luck . . .oops!”

  1. Christie Bradley

    This is a great story! Diana you are anything but average at everything you do in life so prepare fr an amazing summer because I am very proud to have you as one of the leaders on my team this year!

    1. Matt Lomas

      Can’t wait to work alongside you in Minnesota this summer. $1,500/wk. is going to be the norm for you. The Foundation is going to have an amazing year in the land of of 10,000 lakes!

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