What Are We Scared Of

My experience with this is internship started off as an immature freshman, who thought he knew everything. It took me a bit of time for me to get on board, but I knew I was up for some adventure. Now 5 years later, having traveled/worked everywhere from the Shenandoah River of West Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageWhat Are We Scared Of

Dakota Fish – Southwestern Advantage develops leaders

Southwestern Advantage came into my life when I needed it the most. I first heard about SW as a freshman at the University of Northern Iowa. My freshman year of college could be summarized by poor study habits and a bad attitude. I had blamed others for why I was getting bad grades and why life wasn’t going the way … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageDakota Fish – Southwestern Advantage develops leaders

Samantha West

I gained far too many things to name from selling books, but the greatest has always been the people. From book suggestions, to stories that make me cry from laughing, and all the genuine questions and advice. Y’all are making the world a little better everyday. –Samantha West, University of Kentucky Visit Samantha’s Facebook business page at fb.com/SamanthaTheBookgirlWest

Southwestern AdvantageSamantha West

Danny Johnston – UT-Knoxville

I’ve worked with Southwestern Advantage for the past four summers and am currently (2016) going into my fifth summer. The experience is challenging and has pushed me far beyond my comfort zone. It isn’t easy. Even so, that’s exactly why I’ve done it every year. I believe that who I am someday going to be, I am now becoming. In order for … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageDanny Johnston – UT-Knoxville

Andres Gamboa: Dear Parents,

Dear Parents, I would like to start by saying that I am not a parent, therefore, take this advice as you will. During my freshman year of college I was approached by a fellow student named Steve who spoke to me about a summer internship opportunity. Over the phone, Steve told me all about this program where “the average student … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAndres Gamboa: Dear Parents,

Ryan Reilly – Baylor University

I have been through one summer and am going on my second year building my business with Southwestern Advantage. I am deeply grateful for the lessons I learned about hard work and perseverance as well as sales over the summer. For anyone wondering about going through the program/sending their kids, I strongly recommend it!   See more from Ryan on … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageRyan Reilly – Baylor University

Aleksis Anijärv – Tallinn Tech

Definitely suggest the program to any entrepreneurial college students. I like how SW Advantage consciously works on product development, making the study system more comprehensive by creating awesome apps and websites. See more from Aleksis on Facebook at Aleksis The Bookman

Southwestern AdvantageAleksis Anijärv – Tallinn Tech

Andrew Laws – University of Missouri

Excellent company! More of a Family really. The products are really helpful and helped me through school. I worked with SW through college and it helped me pay my way through school and taught me valuable life and career skills. I really felt that my mentors cared about me and everyone was passionate about helping others and giving back. Door to … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAndrew Laws – University of Missouri

Deianeira Burgess – Truman State University

As I go into my second summer, Southwestern Advantage has taught me about hard work, the value of connecting with people, and that growth comes from pushing your own boundaries. Education is so so important, and I’m very proud to work with such a great company that encourages the value of education! Here’s to hoping I can serve another two … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageDeianeira Burgess – Truman State University

Sarah Maddack – Indiana University Bloomington

It is beautifully rare to find something that improves your personal, professional, social, spiritual, and financial life all at once. Whether you’re involved for one year or ten years, it is undoubtedly worth your time to work with Southwestern Advantage.   Visit Sarah’s Facebook Business page at Sarah The Bookgirl Maddack  

Southwestern AdvantageSarah Maddack – Indiana University Bloomington

Samantha West – 4 year experience

I’ve participated in this program for 4 years and it has been an incredible experience. I initially signed up to gain the confidence I would need to do well in a theater career. There’s nothing else I could have done while in college to learn, earn, or grown more. The friends I have made, places I’ve seen, and opportunities presented … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSamantha West – 4 year experience

Lisa LaFave – turning potential into reality

I have had the opportunity to become the best version of myself through all that I have learned in running my own business. I’ve had an extraordinary chance to turn my potential into my reality. Through helping others, I have become more selfless and my focus has shifted to others rather than on myself. Every single person is important and … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageLisa LaFave – turning potential into reality

Karina Crescini – gaining confidence through adversity

This experience has taught me the value of commitment and accomplishing the things I said I would do.  I have learned to be grateful to each and every person by working with love in my heart instead of results in my head. I have been able to meet and understand a diverse number of families and to learn so much more … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageKarina Crescini – gaining confidence through adversity

Megan O’Connor – becoming strong young women

I have been extremely lucky to have found my way here.  I’ve learned to stop seeing others for who they are and instead to see them for who they can be. I have been able to self-assess and accept my situation, and to regain perspective and think more positively when I need it. I have been afforded the chance to … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageMegan O’Connor – becoming strong young women

Hannah Ginter – not quitting in the face of adversity

My experience has allowed me to develop immense confidence in myself and has developed me into a leader that puts the needs of others before my own.  I have been blessed with friendships and relationships with incredible people and mentors that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. Through Southwestern Advantage, I have proven how strong of a woman … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageHannah Ginter – not quitting in the face of adversity

Amy Pigozzi – Independence, emotional strength, and self-confidence

In my four years, I have gained a unique perspective – an appreciation for what I have and how I live.  It has taught me to be selfless, given me a support system of reliable friends, and helped shape my character and build my integrity. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to pay for college, travel the world, start investing, … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAmy Pigozzi – Independence, emotional strength, and self-confidence

Amber Lethem – We find confidence in the right things

Since beginning Southwestern Advantage, I have developed a true sense of self-confidence. I have gained the ability to press on, failure after failure, until I succeed in reaching my goals.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will always thrive because I always get back up again. I believe this experience is beneficial to women because it … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAmber Lethem – We find confidence in the right things

Brenda Diaz – This experience empowers women

Through running my own business at Southwestern Advantage, I have been able to develop my independence as a young woman. I’ve learned to communicate effectively with a diverse and broad range of individuals with different social backgrounds.  Personally, I’ve been empowered to see that I’m more capable than what I’ve been given credit for by others.  I have come to realize that … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageBrenda Diaz – This experience empowers women

Matt Ronay – working hard & being coachable pays off

I just finished my 2nd year with Southwestern Advantage. Going into the program, before my first summer, I was nervous and had a million questions and concerns – mostly about how well I would do at sales and running my own business. My manager was great, helped me a ton, and I quickly learned that if I just worked hard … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageMatt Ronay – working hard & being coachable pays off

Hannah Riesberg – an unmatched opportunity

I’m a nursing student at Creighton University. I’ve done this program for 4 years, and it is how I have been able to afford my degree. This program has changed the trajectory of my life by allowing me an opportunity to learn about myself and about others; things I would have never have learned by working a traditional job that … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageHannah Riesberg – an unmatched opportunity

Lindsay Ferguson – mental & emotional toughness

With the help of Southwestern Advantage, I have been able to develop an amazing amount of personal growth in a short period of time. My confidence and independence have drastically increased over the previous three years interning with the company. I could not imagine life without the people I have met here, as I am surrounded by many like-minded people … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageLindsay Ferguson – mental & emotional toughness

Whitney Armstrong – service, commitment, and resiliency

I’ve learned there is so much more for college students at Southwestern Advantage than just the money.  It’s about building relationships that truly impact people and families. I have been given the confidence I need to reach my goals. My support systems are amazing because no one believes in me like the people who lead and mentor me – not just … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageWhitney Armstrong – service, commitment, and resiliency

Alma LeBaron – challenge yourself as an individual

Southwestern Advantage is by far the best thing I’ve ever done! In the past three years with this company, I have grown more mentally and emotionally than I would have doing anything else. This program allows you to challenge yourself as an individual. It exposes your strengths and weaknesses, and you find out for yourself what you’re made of and what your potential truly … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageAlma LeBaron – challenge yourself as an individual

Cristie Rivers – 7 summers

Southwestern Advantage has been the greatest growth experience of my life. I can’t explain what these 7 summers have meant towards developing me into the person I am today. It’s where I learned about persistence, how to work through failure and pick myself up, how to connect with people, to coach myself, and to problem-solve. It’s where I met the boy … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageCristie Rivers – 7 summers

Sophia Olson – Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities

A wise man, AJ Skalsky once told me there is no such thing as work life balance. At the time, I didn’t believe him. I need to have fun. But it’s not about balancing “work” and “fun” equally, it’s about time management and prioritizing. I choose to work 82+ hours a week during the summer, and with that schedule I … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSophia Olson – Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities

Anne Meadows – this is why

If you ever wonder why I’ve spent 4 summers knocking on doors, this is why. –Anne Meadows, Georgia Tech  

Southwestern AdvantageAnne Meadows – this is why

Sophia Olson – A Letter To My Student Leader

To my Student Leader, Sara Mercier: I cannot truly put into words what Southwestern Advantage has done for my life and mindset, but I will do my best you and for others who are also reading this. I am a business management major attending University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Yes I’ll be finishing my fourth year, and yes this is … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSophia Olson – A Letter To My Student Leader

Dominika Stefanikova – I’m not telling you it’s easy, I’m telling you it’s worth it

It all began with one post on Facebook. I was in my freshman year at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. It was around Christmas time when I saw some pictures from California posted by one of my old high school friends. I wanted to know more, so I messaged her. I was curious what it was about and how could I possibly … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageDominika Stefanikova – I’m not telling you it’s easy, I’m telling you it’s worth it

Jayme Kaiser – My Life Is Mine

Southwestern Advantage has had quite the impact on my life. Sometimes it’s incredibly easy for me to forget just how much of an impact. Recently, I was asked by a good friend of mine to make a list of what exactly I felt like I got out of SWA; what I brought home with me, and why I made the … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageJayme Kaiser – My Life Is Mine

Sara Nannini – A Proud Student Leader

The Southwestern Advantage Sales & Leadership Program has given me the opportunity to discover areas of myself I have never known before.  Sure, I was pushed throughout my high school and undergrad career through sports, various executive board positions, and balancing a hectic schedule.  These different opportunities allowed me to explore my leadership potential and learn about my character.  But as a … Read More

Southwestern AdvantageSara Nannini – A Proud Student Leader