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Antoinette Sedillo – New Mexico State University

Southwestern Internship Experience – Antoinette Sedillo

When I was in high school I was the type of person who never tried anything new unless I knew for sure that I was going to be good at it. As you can imagine, that attitude kept me from trying out many new things. A week after my 19th birthday, I got invited to attend an info meeting about Southwestern Advantage. I never applied or searched for any opportunities, so I figured I’d at least go hear about it. Plus Kim, the girl who invited me, had a certain level of confidence I desired to see in myself.
Earlier that month, one of the girls I worked with in retail was having a hard time getting a “professional career position” at any local law firm because all of her work experience consisted of retail cashiering. She already had her Bachelor’s degree in sociology, was a 4.0 student in college, and was trying to get into law school. Over and over again, she was denied the opportunity for even an interview (for grad/law school or a job position) due to the “lack of skill-based experience” on her resume. She told me how she wished she had participated in some type of internship at some point in college instead of a get-me-by type of job; and told me that if I ever get offered any type of internship opportunity to take it – no matter what. So, I did.
After going through the interview process, I made the decision to commit to the Southwestern Advantage program for my summer. Once on board, I realized I had the opportunity to do this all through college, realizing how many students participated for multiple summers. Plus, I couldn’t really see how I could gain ALL the skills I wanted and needed by doing it for only one summer.
Ultimately, I got way more out of my experience than I had initially bargained for. I grew more as a person than I could have ever imagined throughout my summers with Southwestern, but exponentially after my first summer. I learned how to think on my feet and handle situations on my own for a change; rather than asking my parents/friends/family what their opinions were first, and making decisions off what others thought, or worse, not making a decision at all – something many of us tend to do. I learned that doing something that most people aren’t willing to do, leads to a higher success rate in anything and everything.
Growing and moving forward –– that’s real happiness.
Southwestern AdvantageAntoinette Sedillo – Getting REAL experience

3 Comments on “Antoinette Sedillo – Getting REAL experience”

  1. Pete Burgess

    What you’re saying about the importance of experience is SO true – in Glasgow we’ve got a girl Marie who sold books for 2 summers and is currently a final year student. She got offered a graduate place in a leading UK law firm while she was still a junior – that pretty much never happens. It’s only ever seniors and people in the 1 year grad school who start getting offers. Want something that stands out on the resumé, here it is!

  2. Kate Marshall

    Beautiful, Antoinette! I love that you made pro-con lists. I make those in my sleep.
    I liked when you said “And one thing I believe after my southwestern experience is that if you aren’t constantly trying to get better, and practicing the art of mental toughness, you are robbing yourself of everything from general happiness to emotional and financial stability.” You’re either on an uphill slope or a downhill one. I prefer the former.

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