Christine Fletcher – Aug 5, 2015

Aug 5, 2015

I got all the Southwestern Advantage books – the reference guides and the kids books – 9 or 10 years ago back in about 2006. We got them because we could see that they were great resources to supplement their learning at home. I was home schooling at the time so whatever subject we were studying at the time, I used them as a supplement to the curriculum. Now that they are in public school, they are still very useful, especially the math and science. The kids books explain things very well and are written at their reading level so they can understand it for themselves. Same thing with the reference guides – topics are all explained very clearly. If the kids didn’t understand anything in class, they could come home and refer to them and get a better understanding. When they were younger we encouraged them to use these books as resources whenever they had questions and when they got older, they continued to use them independently. These books saved us a lot of time because the kids could look it up themselves and it was easy to just go to one place for anything. They are also more focused when using the books instead of going on the computer where it’s easy to get distracted. We have a whole library and plenty of resources but these were the go to books for reference. All 8 of our kids have benefited from the whole system!! I love that they have everything they need all the way through to Grade 12! Practically 10 years later, our last three are still using them in elementary and middle school grades. The reference guides are also great for us as parents to refresh our memories since we don’t always remember everything. These are an asset to any home library!


Southwestern AdvantageChristine Fletcher – Aug 5, 2015

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