This site shares reviews from current and former student reps, and even their parents, about their experience with the Southwestern Advantage Sales & Leadership Program – the oldest, most challenging, and most rewarding entrepreneurial program in the world for college and university students.  Southwestern Advantage is over 160 years old (est. 1855) and is the founding company of what is now Southwestern Family of Companies. We have been repeatedly named “Best in Business” by Nashville Business Journal, a Top Workplace by The Tennessean, and we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are proud of our rankings and recognition, however, the personal stories are far more powerful. At the top of this page you’ll find links to stories of overcoming fears, challenges, and frustrations – all told by students and their parents.

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Southwestern Advantage Overview

Our mission is to be the best organization in the world at helping young people develop the skills and character they need to achieve their goals in life.

Southwestern Advantage is an international leader in entrepreneurial training and personal development for college and university students. We work with the highest caliber of college students in the world. Each year, between 1,500 – 2,000 students build their own small businesses by participating in our Sales & Leadership Program – the oldest, most challenging, and most rewarding sales & leadership program available for young people.

With the guidance of personal sales mentors, students grow their own small businesses selling the Southwestern Advantage Learning System to families. Our system of apps, websites, and books develops both academic skills and success principles in students from ABCs to ACTs. Students relocate as an organization to a new part of the country (or world) to sell our products in-person to families through a combination of knocking on doors and working referrals (click to read why).

Does it work?? In 2018, the average income of five-time US participants was $137,522. Each year, university students use the opportunity to replace their student loan debt with financial freedom.

Our program is best-experienced as a 5+ year endeavor. Building a business takes time. Student reps spend their first year learning and practicing the principles of personal selling and business management as they operate their own independent businesses. In their second year, students continue selling while learning and practicing the principles of leadership and team building. In their third year and beyond, selected students have the opportunity to additionally run sales organizations and be hired into professional sales management, or use the Southwestern Career Placement Center to guide them into the career of their dreams.

Our entrepreneurial program is intentionally designed to help participants build confidence by facing fears.  Watch current student reps tell their stories on our YouTube channel.

Since 2010, over 1 million families have been positively impacted by our student reps who offer educational products tailored specifically to a family’s situation. We take pride in our business style of meeting with families face-to-face at their homes to discuss one of the highest priorities for any parent: their children’s education. Click here to see what customers are saying.



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